Film & Television


Rachel represents film producers, serving as production counsel on feature films.  She is experienced at negotiating and drafting all kinds of agreements with cast and crew of audiovisual works for film, television and Internet, as well as distribution and licensing agreements.

Rachel understands that creative people often wear many different hats.  She works with many creative individuals who act, write, produce, and direct.  Creatives in the audiovisual world often also thrive in live theatre and music.  Rachel can advise you, and negotiate on your behalf, in all aspects of your professional life. For those creative people who specialize in a particular field, Rachel diligently strives to maximize your compensation and protect your interests at all times.

Rachel has represented producers of very profitable theatrical releases as well as meaningful and profitable documentaries made for television.  She also represents directors, animators who work individually and in teams, and other creatives including costume designers.

Here are some of the types of agreements that Rachel can help you with:

  • Producer agreements
  • Director agreements
  • Writer agreements
  • Option and Purchase agreements
  • Actor agreements
  • Distribution agreements
  • Film licensing agreements
  • Synchronization license agreements
  • Master use license agreements
  • Film composer agreements